Web Analytics Setup

Doing digital marketing does not only mean achieving your business goals. An effective digital marketing strategy includes an integral part — Web Analytics. Established analytics helps you understand more about your business and your customers.

We will work with you from identifying what actions need to be tracked to ensuring that they are tracked. We will make sure that we are able to capture all the data valuable to your business.

Multi-channel Analytics

We keep track where all your data are coming from, whether they're from your search, online banner displays or social media presence, we will certainly know. These are what comprise your Google Analytics data. Understanding how your market moves from social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to your website and back can provide you more insights on how to better serve your customers.

Mobile App Analytics

We set up mobile app trackers using Firebase, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel (SDK), Google Big Query or MixPanel to monitor the behavior of customers using your mobile app.

We utilize the power of deep links, Facebook, Google Play Store, and Apple Store Analytics to make sense of your multi-channel attribution data.

We implement real-time analytics.

Integrated Marketing Analysis

We integrate and bind all your marketing efforts both offline and online using our proprietary data management platform. We take all campaigns and put them together to gauge effectiveness and efficiency.

We analyze opportunity gaps, look in to your data and turn them into business insights and valuable actions.

We use the ABO (Acquisition, Behavior, and Outcome) model to interpret your data.

Campaign & Strategy Analysis

Our goal is to help you activate your campaign, engage your audience, and convert them to your customers. We fulfill this by working with you through strategic planning, implementation, and execution.

But it doesn’t end there; we need to measure the success of your campaign too.  How did it go? What could be improved? What are our next strategic steps? We step into every possibility to help you succeed.

We step into every possibility to help you succeed.

Data Management Platform

We provide contexts, analysis, and data-driven insights so you can get real benefits from your data. Our data analysis services are highly customizable, secured, and collaboratively designed to meet your unique requirements.

Our data management platform can track and integrate data from your:

  • Social and Web Analytics
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Lead to Sales Performance
  • Customer Support Response Rate
  • Call Tracking

Our data management platform is extensible to connect with your existing CRM such as SalesForce, HubSpot, and among others.

Beyond monetizable asset, data has the potential to revolutionize businesses, improve decision-making, and innovate revenue models. It changes everything, but only when correctly analyzed and fine-tuned.

Now, let’s get crunching!

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