Working at Propelrr

Find out what our team members have to say about their work at Propelrr.
  • “There’s never a dull moment working at Propelrr. The team will encourage you to spill your ideas and perform at higher levels.”

    Jeny Agrade

    Social Media Team Lead

  • “You'd never feel stagnant working here because the team makes you feel that you are valued and actually improving.”

    Anne Arquelita

    HR/Admin Specialist

  • "This is where I experienced growth so I am happy to see the progress of my career during my stay here.”

    Jamie Rose Aguinaldo

    Lead iOS Developer

  • “You’re not gonna fail [here] if anyone else can help it. Which feels nice, but also really solidifies the teamwork and trust culture I’ve encountered.”

    Raffy Punzal

    Art Director

Employee benefits

Here’s are the following employee benefits you can expect when working at Propelrr:
  • Paid leave benefits

    Enjoy a variety of PTO benefits you can use anytime whether you’re planning a vacation, calling a sick day off, or have to attend to an urgent concern.
  • Perks and discounts

    We believe that a sound mind and body enable us to perform our best at work and in life. We make it a point that our HMO coverage does not only tackle your physical welfare but mental health care as well.
  • Work insurance

    Our team is Propelrr’s most important asset. Apart from HMO benefits, we provide each member with life insurance that covers assistance due to an untimely event.
  • Employee incentives and performance bonuses

    Great work will never go unrecognized here. Aside from the competitive pay and standard bonuses we already offer, teammates can expect performance incentives throughout their stay at Propelrr.
  • Social and recreational activities

    All work, no play? No way! We spark collaboration and camaraderie throughout different activities and parties planned across the entire year. It’s never a dull moment among colleagues here.
  • Flexible and remote working options

    Propelrr has evolved its processes and work set up to adapt to these pandemic-led times. Whether it’s remote or office work, teammates can expect allowances and provision of office equipment (laptop, accessories, etc.) from us.
  • Career development programs

    We will never stop growing. The active involvement of the Propelrr management in providing skills development programs and training is a testament to the professional growth of each member.

Life at Propelrr

Our growth knows no borders. Be it physically or virtually, the quality of our collaboration and outputs are never compromised.

Propelrr office physically and virtually Propelrr office physically and virtually

Company reviews

Curious about our culture, our work dynamics, the unlimited supply of coffee at the office, or the fact that our fridge is always filled with beer? You didn’t hear that from us, that’s what our reviews are saying!

  • Glassdoor

    “The environment, the people, and even the management are just so open and transparent about everything. Everyone is just really willing to share their ideas, share their thoughts, and even encourage you to learn something new.”

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  • Indeed

    “Propelrr employs the strength finder approach which gives everyone a chance to find their niche within the organization and in Digital Marketing and Tech Innovations.”

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