Propelrr is a hub for digital marketers and businesses. One way it maintains relevance in digital is through constant information sharing.

You can tell that a page is credible when it has a reliable blog that backs up its claims. It’s also a way for you to mimic this information and apply it to your business.

Our in-house experts and various contributors in the industry work together to give you new and fresh ideas from the digital marketing world. If you’re an established expert, you are always welcome to contribute a topic for discussion here.

Interested in being a contributor? Then read on to learn how you can be a part of our Contributor Network.

What is Propelrr’s Contributor Network?

Not everything you read in the Propelrr blog comes from us.

Some of these blog contributions come from different established thought leaders, reputable experts, and executives in the industry. We aim to broadcast as much credible information as we can from as many reliable sources we can find.

Propelrr is eyeing individuals who do not only possess the knowledge and skill, but are also able to communicate it effectively in writing.

No man is an island, and collaboration is key. Let us be your information vehicle to get your article to the right audience.

Check out the kind of content we’re looking for here in Propelrr.

What type of articles do we accept?

Blog contributions featured in the Propelrr website are comprehensive, data-driven, and compelling posts that teach our readers something new about the world of business and marketing.

Here’s the full spectrum of topics we’re looking for:

Got expert insight you want to share? We’ll be your avenue of unique ideas and engaging content.

What are the Editorial Guidelines for Contributors?

Before you get started, read our editorial guidelines to get a clear picture of what your content should consist of to be publishable.

Below are the 7 contributor guidelines you need to consider before writing:

  1. Your content must be unique.
    Your content needs to be original. Talk about a topic no one else has discussed before or talked about in a different angle.Rather than focus on what people already know, give us your fresh take on innovative insights that can benefit the digital marketing world more. Also, this should not have been published elsewhere prior to contribution. This is mandatory and non-negotiable.
  2. Write for our audience.
    You get the full audience spectrum here in Propelrr--from beginners to established marketers and experts in the digital marketing sphere.You’re not just speaking to a singular audience. You’re contributing to the whole nine yards of digital marketing. Write impactful pieces that apply to the whole lot; so make sure this speaks to audiences of all levels.
  3. Consider our brand.
    Scan our published pieces from the Propelrr blog to determine the tone and approach of our posts.We speak clearly and honestly: no beating around the bush, no frills.
  4. Write engaging yet readable content.
    Write comprehensive articles that are both engaging and relevant to readers. Let’s not bore them with lengthy technical information. Rather, involve them in the process of reading your articles as marketing novices or experts.
  5. Mind the article length and keyword usage.
    Let’s also be mindful of the article length. We prefer a minimum of over 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000. Consider SEO, in terms of keyword usage, the length of the article, and content relevance.
  6. Use relevant and timely research data.
    No fake news allowed here. Fact-check the sources you cite to establish credibility and avoid plagiarism. Don’t quote the page, quote the original source.
  7. Use credible images.
    Images engage your readers. Post proper images relevant to your article, and cite the sources. We’re particular with copyrights, as well; so be sure to submit royalty-free images, only, or obtain permission to use copyrighted images.

Content That We (and our audience) Love

Let’s not give you a hard time thinking about your articles and save you the bother of revisions.

Here are some ideas to help you ideate your content:

  1. How-to posts: These are detailed posts that precisely outline how to do something "native"; templates, checklists, and step-by-step guides that define a successful approach.
  2. Case studies: These posts should include factual data, actionable takeaways, and thorough definitions of each step in the analysis process. The readers must have enough data to replicate your study, if they want to.
  3. Best practices posts: Readers are always looking for best practices. These are blog posts that feature the learning and insights that you have been able to pick up from experience and continuing education.
  4. Research- and survey-based content: These are posts acquired through extensive research from multiple sources, like interviews and questionnaires. These are used to gather the opinions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of a particular sample or demographic.
  5. Data-driven posts: These articles focus on creating high-quality posts that solve the audience’s problems or issues they care about by providing proof and backing up every claim with scientific findings, data, and up-to-date research.
  6. Interactive content: These are content that requires active engagement and participation from your audience. Some examples are polls, quizzes, infographics, and video content.

Now that you have an idea on the type of content we’re looking for, let’s have a quick run-down of content that we WON’T publish. Below are the no-nos when sending your content.

What We Don’t Publish

Consider these the red flags when writing your blog posts:

  1. Articles with self-promotional links and links to corporate websites
    Let’s be professional. We’re already promoting you and your article, as is. Also, these links won't be included and attributed as a Nofollow, but links to relevant resources are fine.
  2. Topics that have been discussed repeatedly
    If you’ve ever heard the phrase “been there, done that”, then this can apply to articles, as well.
  3. Articles that offer no value
    As a digital marketing and technology agency, we expect the submitted articles to cover topics relevant and related to our field. You can check the Propelrr blog for the topics that we've already covered, and see what works with our audience.
  4. Opinion-based or editorial articles are a no-go
    Focus more on crafting informational material, like tips, strategies, how-tos, and in-depth guides, to name a few.
  5. Hard-to-read articles with many and major grammatical errors will not be considered
    This needs no further explanation. Being knowledgeable isn’t enough if you can’t communicate your thoughts effectively.
  6. Keep your socials in your author bio
    Keep all your promotions and personal information stored in the author bio. We’ll give you and your article sufficient airtime for your author bio

Now that that's out of the way, learn how to submit your articles to Propelrr.

How To Submit an Article

You can submit your articles to info[@] with the following content:

  • A completed post in Google Docs format, but initial pitches are welcome, too. You may consult your topics and ideas with our editors first before writing your content.
  • Attach the image(s) with a proper attribution and the link from the websites that give royalty-free photos in a separate folder. For reference, kindly check our Image Guidelines.
  • Provide a maximum of 50-word author bio, including your headshot sized 350px x 350px, one anchor text link to your own website and links to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If your article fits our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published.

The turnaround time for an article to be published is seven (7) business days or depending on our editorial calendar.

The Submission and Editing Process

  • Propelrr aims for high-quality content. We have a team of in-house editors and content strategists who will help refine your article upon submission. On your end, however, the team expects your output to be free of major grammatical and formatting errors. We’ll be limiting revisions to two rounds and require your active participation in rewrites and revisions.
  • The submitted article will be added to the queue of our Editorial Blogging Process. From there, our editors will have a run-through of the article. The team may decline submissions that are either not a proper fit for the site or in need of some improvements. We’ll inform you once your article is approved.
  • The Editorial Team reserves the right to decline content for not meeting any of the above-mentioned guidelines.
  • The Editorial Team reserves the right to remove links or any content that is deemed offensive, harmful, or overly promotional. Any infringement of our policies can result in the removal of your content at the editors' discretion.
  • The article should not be published on other sites once it has been posted on the Propelrr blog.

If you have questions or clarifications, you can reach out to our team at info[@]

Let’s get your expert insight out there. The digital marketing world needs what you have to say.

Grow as an influential marketer with your published articles that you can link back to your website, to establish better page authority and digital presence.

This is also a way for you to connect with other contributors and experts in the industry, to grow your network and expertise in different digital disciplines, as well.

Contribute to the Propelrr Guest Blog today!

Image and Digital Asset Guidelines

Let’s make your content consistent, relevant, and mindful of copyright.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we’re aware that images and visuals play a crucial role for both readers and customers, alike, to retain information better.

Images engage your readers. In more ways than one, people notice visuals, first, before the text. As a writer, you don’t want your article to be boring. This is why you try to mix it up with visuals that compliment your post.

If you have images prepared for your articles or you want to contribute your visual assets to the Propelrr website, then check out our quick Image Guidelines below.

Image Guidelines

We have a set of guidelines to follow when posting visual assets on the Propelrr website, to maintain consistency and relevance to the brand and its overall page aesthetic:

  1. Stock images are a no-go
    Let’s maintain originality through the images and visuals we use for our articles and website. We don’t accept submitted stock images as visual assets.
  2. Make your images original
    We accept images that you and your team made as long as these images are clear, informative, and consistent with your topic.
  3. Follow our image specifications
    Likewise, observe the nitty gritty details below for visual asset submissions:
    a. Open-Graph (OG)- We require at least two (2) photos to be used as an OG image with a size of 1200px x 630px
    b. Content Images- Size width should be 1024px with a maximum file size of 200kb. These images should be in landscape orientation.
    c. Infographics- The required size width is 1200px. The length, on the other hand, totally depends on how long your content is.
    d. Videos- The ratio size should be 16:9. We also prefer that you upload it on YouTube for easy linking and attachment.
  4. Include Proper Image Attribution
    Kindly follow this format when attributing your photos:
  5. Submit a PDF copy of the Visual Asset Agreement (VAA)
    We’re very careful with copyright infringement. For all images and visual assets you submit, send us a VAA with your full name and signature. That’s about it! We look forward to receiving your digital assets and, more so, put them up on our website soon. If you have questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to email us at info[@]