PPC Strategy

Think strategy first, then execution after. Every time.

Okay, there’s a lot of questions here.

What is your unique value differentiator? What is the business insight on why you should run a PPC campaign? Is it for brand uplift or stickiness? Is it for lead generation or a product sale? Is it a B2C or a B2B campaign?

Before we even discuss any execution process, as a performance-based PPC agency in the Philippines, we provide a PPC strategy that aligns with your goals.

Of course, as a data-driven digital marketing agency, our execution plan does not come from a crystal ball. It requires extensive PPC audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, and the whole shebang of media planning. Let us take care of all that.

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Think strategy first, then execution after. Every time.

PPC Management

You need not just experience but sharp skills to extract insights from your existing data to manage your PPC campaigns.

Successful ad campaigns require the correct serving of the right ad, in the right medium, and at the right time to your audience. That takes real skills to pull off.

Shiny tools may lure you; but no, it is the skillful specialist that executes your media plan. He is the hero at the end of the day, not your fancy software.

Word of caution: If you hand over your paid media to the uninitiated, you’ll bleed resources.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We encourage using the best in class software out there. But we cannot stress this enough: human skills drive your pay-per-click ads to perform much better. It is your 1 + 1 = 3 equation. Your added oomph!

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If you hand over your paid media to the uninitiated, you’ll bleed resources.

Digital Display Advertising

Is display advertising dead? No.

While you’ll hear some digital marketing “gurus” telling you that display advertising is dead, we don’t. We disagree that display advertising is ineffective or impractical. In fact, it is the opposite.

Digital display advertising has already taken many forms such as native, mobile, social, video, and programmatic ads that are more effective for brand awareness, recall, and uplift.

Display advertising is an excellent option for businesses who are building brand awareness. However, it requires a solid plan to win in the world of the banner-blind audience. It needs creativity.

We are Google Display-certified professionals qualified to handle and manage your display advertising campaigns. Our experience can back it up.

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Social Media Advertising

This is one of your best arsenals if you want to hyper-target or to custom-audience target your customers in the social networks.

We understand the ebb and flow of social ad platforms because we’ve experienced it first-hand. It is tricky.

We know what works and what to avoid for your ad campaign setups. We do advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We manage full-scale campaigns with a specific budget or execute a one-time posting/sharing.

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Digital Video Advertising

Video advertising is on the rise, no doubt, because we like storytelling.

We prefer digital video campaigns. Yes, digital. We run Youtube, Facebook Video, Instagram Video (in-stream), and App Ads.

Don’t be misled. Digital video consumption is entirely different from your daddy’s ATL consumption. Bidding for your customers’ attention online needs a lot of data crunching analysis and optimization on what drives actions.

This needs a different take, a different mindset. Traditional ATL system won’t work.

Ready to roll your snackable or your 30-second videos?

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